Share files, manage your workflow and collaborate without compromising on security and privacy


Projects, Kanban Board and Agile

If you worked with Trello or Jira, you know how convenient it is to just drag and drop tasks on the Kanban Board. Yes, you can do this with Crowdpie as well. Create multiple projects, invite people, assign tasks and related documents. Track progress on the task level and track time on the project level. You can not only control access on a fine granular level to each document but also see in your dashboard who has accessed your files and when.



We know that in many cases a task is part of a process in your business or project and that different people are involved in this process. This can be for instance a contract negotiation, approval of a new vendor in procurement or a report that needs to be reviewed by the customer before being sent to an authority. Our platform caters for a workflow approach with approvals and completion of tasks. Our brilliant notification system will let your team members know when you are stuck with a task assigned to you.


Collaborate under your own brand

Give your clients and partners the best experience and confidence that they are dealing directly with you by branding the portal with your logo and by using your own domain name.


Data Residency

Sometimes you have regulatory requirements to ensure that your (customer) data is not leaving your jurisdiction. With us, it's very simple. Just choose during the registration process the location where you want your data to be saved. Read more here.


Custom KMS

We developed a custom Key Management System (KMS) to ensure cloud independent security of your encryption keys.


End-to-End Encryption

Whenever it's possible, we implement end-to-end encryption, what makes us a unique player on the collaboration platform market. We do that by applying zeroknowledge encryption. This with the combination of our custom KMS, only you and your chosen project members, ie external partners, customers, colleagues, can access your files. Not even us, the infrastructure provider or any government has your encryption keys to access your sensitive information.

What is all this fuzz about security and privacy?

If you use any of the main online storage providers,
like DropBox, OneDrive, Atlassian, Google drive,
we bet that you think that your data is secure!


Happy Customers

Join hundreds of satisfied customers using our services globally.

Easy to Use

Good combinations of modern collaboration elements such us workflows, agile board, tasks and drag and drop, instant messaging etc.... Excellent value for money. Recommended 100%

By Scott Morris

Access logs

I know who has access to what at any point of time- what else do I need!!

By Sem

Customer Service

The software and customer support are both top-tier! Thank you for providing us tools simple to use with great support.

By Thomas

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