Why We Exist

Many online platforms and web applications claim that they have implemented the necessary security measures to protect your data. And yet, data leakage plagues headlines in the media. Sometimes, because you have too easily accepted the terms and conditions that state clearly that you are giving consent to the use of your data. A few obvious parties are Google and Facebook. Their security, including encryption, is indeed to protect your data from leaking to hackers, but not from them!

This is not only breaching your privacy, but also your intellectual property rights or copyrights. For some of us, advocates of freedom of speech such as journalists and politicians, a date leak could even be life threatening facing prosecution.

CrowdPie answers the need for a secure file sharing and collaboration platform which could overcome these concerns.

Who We Are

Our team consists of lawyers, filmmakers, reporters, scientists, security professionals and privacy advocates. To ensure our independence, Crowdpie is developed without any external funding. We are able to maintain this independence thanks to our customers.